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A first-person shooter game with challenging infantry battles and tank combat missions during the war

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Call of Duty 2 Demo
Call of Duty 2 2014

When Infinity Ward released the first Call of Duty game, the raving reviews and enthusiastic opinion of gamers brought this title to the top of the gaming market. Critics and gamers all converged to agree how this game differentiated itself from the crowded WWII genre of the time. In fact, Call of Duty 2 breathed new life into a genre that had been going stale for quite a few years. The visceral and fast-paced action struck a chord with the gamers who liked games with competition.

How Call of Duty 2 Stacks up to the Original

If you liked how the original game felt, you will almost certainly take pleasure in the sequel which remains true to its core strengths. The game enhances its sense of being a soldier within the middle of a violent and bloody war machine. Unfortunately, as said, if you like the first Call of Duty game, you will most likely enjoy the second one because this title fails to break new ground with its release. The core mechanics and the first-person shooter gameplay remains unchanged, which has always been the biggest complaint among many opponents to the Call of Duty franchise. Instead of buying a new game, it feels more like you've bought downloadable content.

The Campaign

Like with the first title, Call of Duty 2 offers a campaign where you step into the boots of several different soldiers to fight under different Allied factions. In the beginning, you start as the private in a Russian Army. Your goal? You must defend the Russian cities of Stalingrad and Moscow from the attack of the Germans.

Once you have passed through the first mission with the Russians, you can start with the British campaign. With most of these levels, you fight on the sands in the North African deserts. You fight and die next to the Desert Rats. In the final mission for the British, you get sent over to Caen, France. Here you have been ordered to bomb the hedgerows and houses. After you have played as the British, you take on the American campaign where you're a corporal fighting on the shores in Europe. Call of Duty 2 doesn't take you to Utah Beach or Omaha Beach, which was common, but instead, you must scale the cliffs of Pointe du Hoc.

The game has 10 different missions, and each of them has been broken into several stages. Should you decide to play the game at regular difficulty, it takes about one hour per mission. You can also choose to up the difficulty for a more frustrating and tactical gameplay. Overall, it's a good game, but it fails to innovate, which has often become the problem when a franchise grows too big. They stop taking risks.


  • Diverse and challenging missions to keep you going.
  • An iconic game that influenced the later series.


  • The game fails to innovate or do anything new.
  • The graphics look terribly outdated.


Released in fall 2005, Call of Duty 2 remains the pinnacle of World War II first-person shooter games for the PC.

After releasing the critically acclaimed but often overlooked Call of Duty for PC in 2003, developer Infinity Ward set out to improve on its strengths and address its weaknesses by creating Call of Duty 2.

Technical Wizardry

When Call of Duty 2 was first released in late 2005, PC game and Xbox 360 gamers alike were blown away by its graphical achievements. Never before had a game engine displayed such realistic sand and smoke effects, which were immediately visible in the impressive opening sequence in the Egyptian desert.

Although the Xbox 360 version of the game received critical acclaim for its graphics and game play, the PC version was superior in every way. The PC version not only allowed gamers to play at resolutions and visual fidelity much higher than the Xbox 360 version, but it also allowed gamers to use a keyboard and mouse combination for much tighter and accurate controls and aiming.

Multiplayer Mode

While the single-player campaign was well-received by critics and the public alike, the multi-player modes are where the game truly shines. Whether players controlled a soldier fighting for the Axis or the Allies, they could expect epic battles waged across war-torn cities and deserts. The ammunition, handling and performance of all weapons is realistic and true to life, making each round of play more tense and breathtaking than the last.

Although other World War II games have been released in the years following 2005, none have matched the atmosphere and fluid game play offered by Call of Duty 2.

Pros and Cons of Call of Duty 2


  • Beautiful graphics that still hold up today.
  • Tense multi-player matches that involve stealth and strategy.
  • Challenging single-player campaign.


  • Multi-player may seem dated for gamers who are used to modern Call of Duty games.
  • Weapons are authentic for the time period and can be slow to fire and reload.

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